We work for the entrepreneurs who form the backbone of our economy. Who earn their money and just pay taxes. And who provide employment. We work for entrepreneurs who are careful about their business, their customers and their people. We work for entrepreneurs who add value. For themselves and for their customers. And who expect the same from us. That is why we like to introduce ourselves to you.

“After finalizing my study “Tax Law” at the University of Amsterdam in 1993, I started as a tax lawyer at PWC tax consultants. I noticed that I was able to build close relationships with customers of the firm. Maybe that’s because I am fascinated by entrepreneurship and feel personally involved with directors and/or owners of privately-held companies.”

The relationship between me and my customers is what motivates me in my work and what satisfies me. I see myself as an entrepreneurial partner for my clients: successes for the companies I work with, feel like my own successes. I am proud when my clients achieve success with the tax advices that I have given them. As I said, I am curious by nature. This explains why I know the customer’s case by heart. My customers appreciate my involvement in and knowledge of the case. Mostly, I can answer their questions immediately. Stellar Tax advice is an informal, accessible and transparent organization. That’s important to me and to our customers. I carefully guard these values of Stellar.” ​

(Monday to Friday)

+31 6 53 81 50 02

2018-heden Medeoprichter/adviseur Stellar Tax Advice, Haarlem

2011-2018 Eigenaar Fiscale Praktijk Wouter Koeman

2010-2011 Partner Bannink Belastingadviseurs, Haarlem

2007-2010 Belastingadviseur Van Ooijen Belastingadviseurs, Haarlem

2001-2007 Belastingadviseur RSM belastingadviseurs, Amsterdam

1999-2001 Fiscaal adviseur MeesPierson / MeesPierson Trust Curaçao

1992-1999 Belastingadviseur PwC Amsterdam

1985-1992 Fiscaal recht Universiteit van Amsterdam

During my time at Nyenrode Business University, where I obtained Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Controlling, I simultaneously gained my experience as an auditor and accounting specialist at a mid-sized accounting firm. While there I realized that I could easily develop a pleasant relationship with my customers. 

After a period of working for various secondment agencies and administrative offices, I obtained my RB Title (Register Tax Advisor) and became a partner at Stellar Tax Advice. My customers like the fact that I have an efficient, proactive and enthusiastic approach to solving financial and tax issues. I do not shy away from automation and communication. This allows me to quickly process the administration of Stellar’s customers, which are also clear and transparent towards the customer. This makes me a sounding board for our customers by which I can proactively think along and respond to complex administrative issues. At Stellar, we have great pleasure in providing the best quality for our customers and that suits me as a Stellar partner. “

(Monday to Friday)

+31 6 51 55 59 36

2020 – currently Partner at Stellar Tax Advice, Haarlem

2019 – 2020 Accountmanager at QFC, Haarlem

2017 – 2019 Accounting Advisor at Van der Kloet, Amsterdam

2016 – 2020 Register Belastingadviseur, Markus Verbeek

2014 – 2017 Financial Consultant at Fintellect, Haarlem

2014 – 2017 Manager at House of Solutions, Haarlem

2014 – 2015 Financial Accountmanager a.i. at Intertrust, Amsterdam

2014 – 2014 Toetser a.i. at CBF, Amsterdam

2007 – 2014 Auditor at Bannink, IJmuiden

2007 – 2014 Bachelor of Science in Accountancy en Controlling, Nyenrode

During my education Junior Assistant Accountant Level 4 at the ROC of Amsterdam, I started as an intern at Stellar. Meanwhile, as of January 1, 2022 I am fully employed by Stellar as Assistant Financial Services and in 2023 I started my HBO Tax Law and Economics study at Markus Verbeek.

Whether it is processing accounts, taking care of tax returns, compiling financial statements or a question from a client, I take great pleasure in making sure that the client will be well served. In addition, I have become a recognized Moneybird Advisor.

(Tuesto Friday)

2023 – currently HBO Fiscaal Recht en Economie bij Markus Verbeek

2022 – currently Assistent Tax Compliance bij Stellar Tax Advice

2021 – 2021 Stagiaire bij Stellar Tax Advice 

2020 – 2021 Junior Assistent-Accountant aan het ROC Amsterdam.

In 2023, I started at Stellar as an intern to complete my studies in Business Administration and Control Specialist at the ROC in Amsterdam.

During my internship, I enjoy processing the administrations of Stellar’s clients and preparing tax returns.

(Monday to Thurday)

2019 – currently Business Administration en Control Specialist aan het ROC Amsterdam.

‘I was a public accountant until the end of 2019, doing composition and audit work. After my 65th birthday, I joined Stellar Tax Advice. As the son of a garage owner, I know the problems and challenges of entrepreneurs. I am therefore mainly the discussion partner for clients in small and medium-sized businesses. With an emphasis on family businesses.’

did my training at Markus Verbeek Praehep University of Applied Sciences, where I also taught myself (tax law for SPD). At the NBA, I graduated as an AA accountant. I gained practical experience at BDO and Deloitte, after which I ran my own accounting / consulting firm for 25 years.

I always ask a client “How is your succession arranged?” first. That opens up a good conversation about entrepreneurship and continuity. Then comes the annual accounts and tax return, ultimately that is just history!


2023 – currently HBO Fiscaal Recht en Economie bij Markus Verbeek

2022 – currently Assistent Tax Compliance bij Stellar Tax Advice

2021 – 2021 Stagiaire bij Stellar Tax Advice 

2020 – 2021 Junior Assistent-Accountant aan het ROC Amsterdam.