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Taking care of your administration is our profession

For every company it is of great importance to process the financial administration correctly and in time. After all, the administration of your company helps you in taking important decisions, creates insight into your financial position and supports you in your daily business operations. Nevertheless, processing the financial administration is not a popular activity for most entrepreneurs. Not only does it take a lot of time, it is also often a complex task to arrange everything according to the legal requirements. We understand this and are happy to help you with this important task.

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Find your administration in the cloud

We manage the administration of your company quickly, clearly and in a transparent manner. With the automation that Stellar uses, we manage your administration completely in the cloud. In this way you are able to see exactly what we do and at the same time ask your questions. All your company figures always nearby!

Efficient and customized solutions

Every minute you spend on your financial administration is one that you can't spend on entrepreneurship. Therefore, we propose to let us process (part of) your financial administration so you will have more time to do what you love doing most. Thanks to our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the field, we can design an efficient solution for you, specifically tailored to your business and requirements.

Making the most of opportunities

By trusting us with your financial administration, you do not only save a lot of time, money and worries, but you also allow us to prevent administrative errors. In addition, you enable yourself to make the best possible use of opportunities and tax advantages. In this way, you can focus on your core activities, while in the background, we ensure that the company's financial administration is excellently organised at all times. Not only today, but also in the future.

Let Stellar take care of your financial administration

Every entrepreneur is aware about the fact that a solid financial administration is of crucial importance, but at the same time no one likes to deal with administration. We are happy to help you out with this. By outsourcing your financial administration to Stellar, you can be sure of intelligent systems, years of experience, rich expertise and continuous innovation.

Administrative service

The administration consultants from Stellar have broad experience with financial administration, examples of issues that we deal with are:
  • Tax declarations
  • Managing administration
  • Annual statements
  • Managing tax administrations and tax declarations
  • Interim reporting
  • Executing due-diligence research
  • Tax returns
  • Payroll accounting and payroll tax returns
  • VAT administration

Other services