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Doing business internationally

We advise private individuals as well as wealthy families with various tax questions. These questions vary from matters relating to wealth tax, transfer of assets or borrowing money within the family, up to questions about the tax aspects of foreign real estate, investments or emigration. Discretion and trust characterise our reputation. We understand that your private situation is personal. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Our advice is easily implementable, inventive and based on years of experience.

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Proactive with your tax challenges

We always analyse your case from a broad perspective: all relevant disciplines, private and corporate, current situation and future. Based on this, you receive an optimal, effective and feasible advice. We take responsibility for the implementation and keep your advice up-to-date at all times. Read more in our tax cases

Feasible advice

We see it as our responsibility to provide you with a feasible advice. Therefore, all of our advices are easily implementable for all other parties involved, such as your bank.

Guiding the implementation of our advice

During the implementation of everything that is on paper we will guide you in order to ensure that our advice is implemented correctly. From our global network of professionals, we compose the perfect team as we assist in the implementation of our advice while making sure it is being kept up-to-date.

Tax declarations

Of course, we can also take care of all your tax returns and declarations, such as corporate tax returns.

Tax aspects of international business

The tax lawyers from Stellar have broad experience with tax issues regarding international companies and Dutch companies that operate internationally, such as:

  • Personnel, expatriates and tax
  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)
  • Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) 
  • Privacy and Taxation
  • Dividend tax 
  • Permanent fixtures and fittings 
  • Fiscal optimisation
  • Royalty structure Intellectual Property (IP)
  • International tax rates
  • Liquidation, merger and demerger 
  • Assets liabilities transactions 
  • Real estate body 
  • Loss company, loss relief 
  • International VAT 
  • Place of service 
  • Tax Paradise 
  • European Court of Justice 
  • Tax treaties 
  • Inbound and Outbound advice 
  • Takeover 
  • Location of shareholders and companies 
  • Hybrid companies, loans and structures 
  • Onshoring 
  • Rulings
  • Transfer pricing 
  • Cross-border employment
  • Salary split
  • Pension
  • Financing
  • And other tax issues

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