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Business in the Netherlands

We advise many successful and growing companies in the Netherlands on a wide range of tax issues. These can vary from questions about VAT and deductions to questions about the tax aspects of, for example, a company acquisition or the purchase of business properties. Our passion lies with medium and large-sized companies. All of Stellar’s consultants see themselves as partners of the successful and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are our clients. They become a true team with their customer. Our direct and personal approach is our way to add unique value.

Private individuals

We advise private individuals as well as wealthy families with various tax questions. These questions vary from matters relating to wealth tax, transfer of assets or borrowing money within the family, up to questions about the tax aspects of foreign real estate, investments or emigration. Discretion and trust characterise our reputation. We understand that your private situation is personal. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Our advice is easily implementable, inventive and based on years of experience. Curious about our tax solutions for companies and individuals? Take a look at the tax cases or make an appointment.

That is why people trust us

Proactive with your tax challenges

Making optimal use of the best possible opportunities within the law. That is what our advisors have been doing for years. Both for (high net-worth) individuals/families and for national and international businesses.

Feasible advice

We see it as our responsibility to provide you with a feasible advice. Therefore, all of our advices are easily implementable for all other parties involved, such as your bank.

Guiding the implementation of our advice

During the implementation of everything that is on paper we will guide you in order to ensure that our advice is implemented correctly. From our global network of professionals, we compose the perfect team as we assist in the implementation of our advice while making sure it is being kept up-to-date.

Tax declarations

Of course, we can also take care of all your tax returns and declarations, such as your income tax (IB), corporation tax (VPB), inheritance and gift tax and dividend tax.

Tax aspects of business in the Netherlands

The tax lawyers from Stellar have broad experience with tax issues regarding Dutch companies, such as:
  • More sustainable fiscal structure for growing business
  • Choice of legal entity for start-up 
  • Optimising the tax structure of companies (e.g. merger and demerger)
  • Company succession
  • Company sales
  • Business acquisition, acquisition and/or acquisition 
  • Participation exemption 
  • Aspects of the fiscal unity
  • Partnerships / joint venture 
  • Liquidation or cessation of companies 
  • Estate planning, donations and inheritance of assets
  • Purchase of real estate or business premises 
  • Contribution or transformation of an enterprise 
  • Joining or leaving shareholder, partner or partner 
  • Fiscal financing issues / non-business loan
  • Loss compensation 
  • Interest deduction in group context
  • Accompanying the Tax and Customs Administration book audits
  • Correspondence with the Tax and Customs Administration, including objection and appeal
  • Innovation, innovation box 
  • Purchase, maintenance and deductions for owner-occupied dwellings (and listed buildings) 
  • Holiday home 
  • Equity portfolio 
  • Taxation and art 
  • Company car
  • Transfer tax issues 
  • Formal tax law, tax fines 
  • VAT
  • 30% rulings
  • International payroll tax / remuneration 
  • International royalty and interest rate structures
  • Optimisation of hybrid structures 
  • Dividend policy 
  • Remuneration of Management Board and Supervisory Board 
  • And other tax issues

Tax advice for individuals and families

The tax lawyers from Stellar have broad experience with tax issues regarding individuals and families, such as:
  • Wealth tax 
  • Foreign capital 
  • UBO-register 
  • Estate planning 
  • Settlement of inheritance and donations 
  • Divorce and marriage
  • Assets transfer, donation and inheritance
  • Investments 
  • Fiscal aspects of investing 
  • Real estate / real estate in the Netherlands and / or abroad 
  • Trust 
  • Family officer 
  • Loans or loans to child or family 
  • Charities
  • ANBI 
  • Emigration 
  • Immigration
  • And other tax issues

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